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Originally posted by linyaari88 at Welcome Message
Hello and welcome to Eoin Macken Daily, the LJ community in which we appreciate Eoin Macken's many talents! I'm not normally one to trail-blaze, but when I couldn't find any up-to-date communities for Eoin, I figured I had nothing to lose by creating one. If anyone else wants to help moderate/run this community, by all means please send me a message, as I'm new to this and welcome advice! Plus, as a masters student, a co-moderator would certainly help if/when this community becomes popular. However, that being said, I will be posting news, tidbits, photos, etc of Eoin everyday, unless my internet flails or there's some sort of personal emergency.

Also, feel free to post stuff, too! After all, the point of this was to share. Topics include:
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Fan works
  • Related links
  • Discussion
  • Merlin
  • Eoin's projects
  • News
  • Encounter stories
  • Anything appropriate and Eoin related!

So I suppose I should post the guidelines/rules? In no particular order...

1. Obviously, as this is an Eoin Macken community, it helps if you appreciate him and/or his work
2. No flames. Let's all try to get along :)
3. BUT if you have a problem with another member, please keep it private and out of public posts/comments
4. Please keep posts and comments PG-13. I'd love for this community to be accessible to as many age groups as possible
5. If, however, you wish to post something above PG-13, I believe there's a filter for adult content. Use it, please
6. I take numbers 2-5 very seriously. You should, too
7. For image-heavy posts, give a preview photo then the rest under a cut
8. Questions/concerns, contact me
9. Finally, enjoy!

This picture looks sort of welcoming, doesn't it? >>
*Taken from Eoin Macken's twitter*