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Cold Con!

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. Lots of illnesses have been running rampant on campus, and I finally caught on of them--strep throat--so I spent the day in bed, lol. But today was Eoin's Cold Con! And if you look at his twitter, he, Tom, and Alan Rickard (of The Evora) didn't sleep before the event, haha. So you can imagine they were a tad loopy, but they looked fabulous regardless! AND Colin Morgan and Alexander Vlahos were guests, then they skyped with Bradley James! So the lucky attendees sure got a treat. Not to mention, Perwaine and Merlin's character inconsistencies and lack of background (knights, Mordred) were discussed (Eoin was apparently very frank with his opinions...). I'm jealous.

These photos all came from various fan's twitters and tumblrs, including fyeahcolinmorgan, colinmerlinmuse, and heartsafool. I just did a "Cold Con Eoin Macken" search, and these came up, lol. There will probably be more pictures, but these are the first I found.

Some have been sized down; click for larger.

Hello Misters Macken, Morgan, and Hopper! (fyeahcolinmorgantumblr)

Why is Alex with his back turned? :( (Arthur and Gwen Fanpop)

I wonder what Eoin's drinking (fyeakcolinmorgantumblr)

Eoin and Alexander Vlahos (Fan run Eoin Macken FB)


Eoin with a spoon again <3 (ValeriaGP's twitter)

(Ronni Pudding's twitter)

Same as above


Colin looks more filled out! (fyeahcolinmorgantumblr)

They look good! (Ronni Pudding's twitter)

Same source as above

Last but not least, Eoin taunting hungry Tom with food on the train there (Tom's twitter)

Back to bed!