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Merlin Episode 6 Stills

Hi all!

I haven't watched the most recent Merlin episode (though thanks to spoilers, I know what happens...), but I did find some stills of Gwaine thatgallickacapped.

Oh, on a related note, Eoin joked about shaving his suddenly high-maintenance hair. At least I hope he was joking... And he crashed a wedding at his hotel last night. Poor bride and groom.

Pictures have been downsized; click for larger.

He's always pulling the chain mail away from his neck. It seems to annoy him more than the other knights.

Lovely profile

No idea what they're staring at, but they all have funny expressions

Typical. Everyone else is serious, and Gwaine's amused

Finally, even after dodging brambles and branches, his hair still looks good *mutters*