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HIM Friending Meme

This was fun! I got to relisten to all their songs. :)

1- Favorite song off of Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 It's All Tears (Drown in this Love)
2- Favorite song off of Razorblade Romance Oh, this is a tough one! I'm split between "Join Me" and "Right Here in My Arms"
3- Favorite song off of Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Please Don't Let It Go. My friend and I used to jam to this in the car!
4- Favorite song off of Love Metal Circle of Fear. Normally I prefer the faster songs, but this one's really beautiful.
5- Favorite song off of Dark Light Venus (In Our Blood)
6- Favorite song off of Venus Doom Again, tough one! Either "Dead Lover's Lane" or "Sleepwalking Past Hope"
7- Favorite song off of Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice Dying Song
8- Favorite song not on an album Gone with the Sin (Instrumental)
9- Favorite music video Wings of a Butterfly
10- Favorite moment from the Love Metal Archives DVD N/A
11- Favorite moment from the Digital Versatile Doom DVD N/A
12- Song that instantly makes you smile Pretty much all of them! Especially "Dying Song," "Funeral of Hearts," "Wings of a Butterfly," and "Please Don't Let It Go."
13- Song that reminds you of someone "Funeral of Hearts," "The Sacrament," "Please Don't Let It Go," and "Beyond Redemption."
14- First HIM song you ever heard "Buried Alive by Love" or "Join Me." Can't remember exactly; it was a long time ago! XD
15- Song that you listen to when you're sad All of them. They can all make me happy. Rather, Ville's voice can.
16- Song that means a lot to you "Please Don't Let It Go" and "In Joy and Sorrow." Actually, there are probably more that I can't remember right now.
17- Song that you think should be made into a music video "Dying Song" or "Dead Lover's Lane"
18- Song that makes you laugh Like St. Valentine
19- Your favorite song to hear live "Funeral of Hearts"
20- Your favorite quote from any band member Can't pinpoint one particular quote, but Ville usually has some gems
21- Your favorite song that HIM has covered Solitary Man
22- Your favorite line from any HIM song "Holding hands won't be enough in a world giving head to a gun"